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We first started developing and manufacturing seal-proof pontoon traps in the early 1990s, and our products are considered to be of the finest quality, having been hand-assembled in-house. We also supply fishing gear accessories and stock a wide range of ropes, lines, nets, netting and clothing. Take a look around our website, and get in touch by e-mail or phone if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Reasons why you should choose us

We manufacture a unique, patented predator-proof trap that is both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. For salmon fishing in the Baltic Sea there is currently no other option due to the large seal population. The seals destroy the traditional gear used and take the fish. We can customise traps based on specific fishery conditions, and we also manufacture traps for herring, vendace, perch, pike-perch and cod. Our traps are internationally renowned and have featured in a number of scientific papers as an alternative low-energy, environmentally friendly fishing method.

We employ a unique method to empty traps. The trap itself is a solid aluminium structure mounted on pontoons. To empty the trap, a compressor is attached and used to inflate the pontoons. The entire structure then rises to the surface, enabling the fish to be removed easily. The entire process takes just a few minutes and saves a considerable amount of time.

Selective fishing

Our traps can also be adapted to allow fisheries to use size selection. By using the right size of square mesh or grids in the traps, small unwanted fish are able to swim back out. The use of a more humane material in traps and collection bags means fish can be caught, sorted and released.


Our traps are made from a microfibre material (Dyneema) that is incredibly strong and can withstand attacks from predators such as seals and cormorants. As a seal tries to follow the fish into the trap its progress is halted by seal exclusion devices (SED) made from steel wire.

“Your trap has been the salvation of Swedish salmon fishing, and without your company I would not have been able to continue.”
Karl-Erik Åström, commercial fisherman, Kuggören

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